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EducationalLeadershipEDU.org is owned and operated by Wiley University Services. Our content originates from many different education content writers. Our views and opinions are our own and for information purposes only. We want this website to serve as a directory guide, or an on-ramp, for educational programs as you explore the many options available. Please note the higher ed landscape is expansive; we do not include every option available and encourage you to conduct your own independent research.

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Meet Our Contributors

Everyone who has worked on this website owes a debt of gratitude to their teachers. Whether it’s laying out page designs and color schemes, researching the landscape of educational leadership degrees available in the United States, analyzing tuition rates, or building the code stack that keeps EducationalLeadershipEDU.org up and running, our skills rest on a foundation of education that started in preschool, took us through K-12, and then right on up through college.

Each of us went through our own odyssey of discovery and inspiration before eventually mastering our own unique specialties. And at every step, we did it with the reassurance, support, and focused instruction of expert educators in bright, well-run, well-supplied schools.

Don’t think we don’t also know we have the educational leaders to thank for making it all possible. They were on our minds at every step of the way when putting this website together. This one’s for you, Mrs. Holbert!

We know that among our readers, there are future teacher mentors, principals, and superintendents who have as much to offer as those who live on in our hearts. And every one of us who contributed to this site wants to hand you the best set of tools to make that possible.

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Helping You Become the Educational Leader Your Community Needs

Many hundreds of hours of cumulative research have gone into the detailed information that you’ll find on our website. In order for future leaders in American education to make the right decisions about their own education, they need the right information. We’ve worked hard to put together the most relevant data from the most respectable sources, including the colleges teaching these programs.

But as you probably have already figured out, education and educational leadership is an ongoing process of research. The landscape changes, the needs of individuals are different, and circumstances can shift. So while you’ve found the perfect place to start or continue your journey toward a career in educational leadership, it’s not the end of the road. You’ll want to do your own careful investigation before making the right choices for your personal needs.

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